• Libbie

Green Light - Love in the Time of Apocalypse

It all seems inevitable and perfect, and also very foolish, that I should have ended up here, at this desk in front of this window that faces, over a stretch of water, the dock where I saw you lying above the water. I remember looking down at you from the bluff and the blackberry canes, how flat and still and contented you were in the sun, how young, and because there was no one around me then I could give voice to the awful desperate longing inside me, and it came out like the whine of a dog, wordless and cringing.

And we live in a different world now. And we are different people, all of us everywhere. But every day my view is the same, that dock and the memories it holds. Of course I would end up here; of course. I have been here my entire life, wanting and crying.

Different world, different people; we're both getting older now. But the love has remained, unchanged. It's the only thing that never changes.

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