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Social Distancing Special!

To encourage us all to look out for the vulnerable among us and practice responsible social distancing (STAY HOME AND READ A BOOK!) all my indie ebooks are 99 cents, now through whenever social distancing ends. This applies to ebook editions only, and only books published in-house by me, not by Lake Union.

I'm working on making them free, but that's a slower process because it involves making requests to the publishing platform on Amazon... and with workforces around the world running at reduced capacity, it could be quite some time before they all are set to free.

But for now, please enjoy them for under a buck! Spread the word to your friends. Remember this is an incentive to maintain the social distancing practices that are so critical right now to protect our beloved elders, our friends and family with compromised immune systems, and of course, the many amazing healthcare and hospital support staff workers who are putting their lives on the line to manage this pandemic. Social distancing saves lives and reduces the workload and resource consumption at hospitals. It's up to us to do our part for the greater good!

You can find convenient Amazon, Kobo, and iBooks links to all my available ebooks on my other web site.

Enjoy! (Below is a pic of Chupacabra practicing his isolation moves.)

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