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The Clear Water - Love in the Time of Apocalypse

They're saying that in Venice the waterways are clearer than at any time during living memory, thanks to the reduced activity of humans. No longer under assault, with the first clemency they've been granted for one single moment in hundreds of years, the waters run clear as air.

Through a bright blue-green depth, in a world apart, the fish dart and play and go about their lives. They must wonder at the miracle. They must rejoice. This thing, they'd thought it impossible for so long that it had become fish-legend, fish-myth, fish-foolishness. But it has dawned all at once and now the fish all shiver at the delight of so much new possibility.

Last night, I went out onto the rock and stood still for a spell. I looked at the land--the acre that is mine to tend, and all the land beyond it--the fields, the forests turning bronze in the evening sun. The bay, the island where I once shivered at the possible and the new. All across the distant snow-dusted foothills to Mt. Baker, the spirit of this place, tall and enduring. I was quiet. I looked through the clear air into spaces where other lives were thriving. The birds were singing and tussling over scraps for their new nests; they were mad with the approach of the equinox. A llama grazed in a pasture. In the field below my house, a fox moved through the grass, slipping low through bands of light and shadow. I watched it pause, tense, move on. Then leap on its prey and eat. It was alive, everything was alive and wondering and sensing all the new that was to come.


My friends, I hope you're staying well and looking after those who can't look after themselves, and giving love to the world and to yourselves. At the end of each week, I'm going to send out a newsletter with a few highlights from this blog, book recommendations (most of us will have lots of time to read!) and pictures of cats and flowers. If you'd like to get it, please sign up using the form in the footer of this web site. I don't use my newsletter to sell stuff (though if I do have any news to pass along about deals, I will)--just to keep in touch and share nice things with the world.

Xoxo Libbie

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