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Two WILLA Literary Award Finalists

This has been a really tough year for all of us, no doubt, and this summer has been tough for me on a personal level with all kinds of family struggles. But one bright spot this summer was that I got to be both of the finalists for the WILLA Literary Award from the Women Writing the West foundation!

I entered One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow and Calamity in the WILLA this year, one under each of my pen names, thinking maybe one or the other might end up as a finalist... possibly. Little did I imagine that both would be given such an honor! It's probably not the first time a single author has shortlisted twice in the same year for a literary award, but I think it happens rarely enough that it's notable and kinda fun. It's definitely something I'll remember and chuckle over for the rest of my life.

I am so grateful to the judges who read so many books and selected both of mine for the top three! It is a lovely honor and really gave me some much-needed smiles this summer.

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